Business Consultation

360 financial review

It has been our experience that what a business thought was their central problem holding them back, may not be the core issue after all. Through this extensive review process, together we peel the layers of an organization down to what are the root causes. Once defined, and only then, can real financial improvement begin.

Succession planning

What are your plans for an internal transfer? If you don’t have a plan or think you don’t need one, consider this your call to do something about it before it is too late. Proper planning only adds to your transition options and is something your organization deserves.

Interim C-level positions

Sometimes things happen out of your control or out of order in business. Our temporary executive level services provide deep experiences in running companies large and small. Consider these services as options now available to you so that you will never be caught short of senior leadership.

Transaction process preparation

Preparing your company for sale is a process to take very seriously; and to do it right takes time and planning to present your business to sell on your terms, versus a transaction under duress. We have extensive experience preparing companies like yours for sale.

Funding and Finance

Bank liasion

One commonality most of our clients and business owners share, is difficulty in dealing with their bank. Whether it’s the mountain of forms and statements needed or the failed approval procedure, our banking expertise allows us to share insight on the real process and the secrets to maximize the current and future cooperation from any financial institution.

Bridge financing

Sometimes things come up and you need to strike while the iron is hot. Our clients know they have access to short term funds that allow them to make a quick asset purchase in just that very circumstance. After funding, we will also assist in preparing the necessary information for ultimate take out through their bank.

Equity funding

We thrive on providing capital injections to both reshape and solidify the financial condition of small to medium sized businesses. In lieu of debt, our clients have access to equity funding to grow ideas, tackle new markets, and revitalize their businesses, all the while adding an experienced and committed partner.

Product Manufacturing/Sourcing

Let’s face it, sourcing products abroad and dealing with overseas manufacturing can leave even the most seasoned business owner paralyzed with fear. Through our on the ground
operations and vetted factory network, we provide our clients peace of mind that their products will be manufactured in accordance to their quality and specifications. Covering everything from preliminary design assistance through final shipment preparation, we free
our clients from the fear and allow them to focus on the front end of the business.

Web Development

Enhanced website development

We have a passion for developing websites that compliment each business we work with. Our websites are built within a responsive framework and have every type of device in mind. We believe your presence on the web should reflect every aspect of your business and for that reason we develop sites ranging from static single page sites to dynamic multipurpose sites.

Improved search engine performance 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is critical to having a well run site. Professionally written website content makes a huge impact on both search engines and business credibility. By determining keywords to market your website, our team researches your business footprint to bring your site to the front of the search engine pack.

Content management systems

We work with and develop sites that are accessible and manageable for our clients. We work with you to edit and add pages, adjust basic design features, and add benefits by tying into leading content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We offer specified features that help you maintain the website with ease, including training, backup & restore features, and much more.

Website  upgrade and redesign

Does your company already have a website? We can do a content review and redesign for you. A modern look and user friendly functionality  gives you a stronger, more effective presence on the web. If your site doesn’t function across devices, we’ll use our responsive design expertise to make it perform perfectly. By taking into account all these items, we will upgrade your site to be truly state-of-the-art.