Ring$ Of Value

About The Book

Ring$ Of Value is a book about business valuations and does two things:

  • It helps entrepreneurs and owners in closely held corporations understand how to calculate the value of their own company
  • It shows these high achievers what they can do to drive exponential value to their enterprise

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About The Author

Timothy M. Beglin, CPA

Tim has held various C-level positions with companies in different industries and also has invested in other ventures. Through these experiences, he has been involved with many successful business transactions from both the buyer and seller perspectives. More important, he has spearheaded the process for other companies, leading up to their successful transactions. As a principal with Target Advisory Services, Tim has incorporated these experiences into the consulting practice to bring this deep knowledge to businesses large and small as they go through the roller coaster of running their business or prepare for their own transaction.

Tim is a CPA, holds a master’s degree in taxation, and is a guest corporate speaker.

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